How do you choose the Best photographer for you?

If you're like me, you started planning for your big day since you were a little girl, right? And you know this is a one time opportunity to do it right - you only have ONE shot at it. Searching for a wedding photographer, especially in Seattle, must be overwhelming. There is so much talent here, and everyone is eager to please. So how do you choose? I'll give you a few pointers:

1. Do your research. Choose that one photographer that has what your eye and heart needs. Make sure that those pretty pictures have the feel that you're looking for. When you look at his portfolio, do you see yourself in those photos? That's a good start!

2. Set your budget before emailing the photographer. Are you on a set budget, or you want this to be a perfectly documented moment of your life? I'll tell you now, you get what you pay for, so don't go with the cheapest out there, go with THE one that made you feel emotion looking through his photos. Pay a little more, and be assured that those memories will be the best and last forever for generations to come!

3. Schedule your engagement with the same photographer. That way you will get to meet him and see how he works, you'll feel better and at ease knowing what his approach it before the wedding day, so you can relax and enjoy all the fun, know that he'll do his best documenting the big day perfectly for YOU!

4. Ensure that you and your photographer are on the same page. How much information did he share with you prior to your session? Has he set your expectations yet? Are you chasing after him or has he explained everything clearly? Do you have questions still? Make sure you ask them so you know exactly what you're signing up for.

5. Does your photographer have a reputation? No reputation is better than a BAD reputation. So if he's not really known in the area, it's not necessarily a terrible thing. It does not mean he's not good, it might be that his clients are diverse or maybe just started a new photographic journey and he's still building his portfolio. Don't get discouraged if, for example, you are looking for a wedding portfolio but he only has engagement photos to show, if you love the stylistic feel of his photographs, go for it!

6. Book Early! There is nothing worse than finding out that the photographer you really wanted is booked already on your special wedding day. Also, as photographers we grow, we gain more experience, buy new gear, equipment needs to be serviced, market changes, demand is higher, and so we all have to make smart business decisions, and sometimes that entails raising the prices. There are multiple components that make photography what it is, so all those little pieces fully perform at a certain standard.

Good Luck with everything! And please make sure you sign up!

Stay Fab!