Sunset Anniversary Session at Discovery Park, Magnolia

August Twenty - 2016

I've known Brock and Nicole for almost a year and a half now. Brock is my chiropractor - he fixes my back when I feel all broken down from lots of shooting and I take pretty photos of his family in exchange - best professional relationship ever! Ha! Last year at one of my appointments, Brock and I were talking about his 7 year marriage anniversary with Nicole that was coming up soon. He wanted to surprise her with something special, aside from taking her out on a date. And I suggested - what better present than an anniversary photography session at sunset, at one of the most beautiful beach parks in Seattle, in Magnolia to be exact - Discovery Park...

Seattle August days are gorgeous for the most part; rain doesn't really show its face and sunshine is predominant. My favorite time to photograph, and probably every photographer's bliss is the golden hour, which usually takes place about 30-45 minutes before sunset. The sun is low in the horizon, allowing everything in nature to bathe in its golden warmth.

This was the first time I had photographed Brock and Nicole by themselves, without their cute little boy, Max, and what I really wanted was to capture their natural interaction and connection they both shared. They made it so easy for me to do that... From my experience, couples that are truly in love don't need too much guidance. Sure, everyone needs a little time to warm up, get to know me and how I work, but after 20-30 minutes I break them in, and everyone loosens up starting to ignore the fact that I am there with a camera in my hands following them around. In this case all the elements that made that day one to remember, including the grassy field, created the perfect setting for Brock and Nicole to feel at ease and just be together ignoring all the distractions around them, including me. This session come out exactly how I anticipated it would - Romantic, Emotional, Perfect!