Franklin Falls Engagement, Snoqualmie

Nicole and Ryan's Engagement at Franklin Falls and further into the afternoon at the Sammamish State Park in Issaquah was so much fun. Both Nicole and Ryan are such sweet and warm people, and I am thrilled to photograph their wedding next year at Kelley Farm in Bonney Lake, WA. We wanted to have the woods, wine and pretty lights... because it's almost Christmas... This is Ryan & Nicole's story, told by Nicole, I hope you love it as much as I do! ----------> See the whole gallery HERE:

How We Met: After college, I had multiple job offers pertaining to my degree in Economics. Always being one for challenges, I took a leap of faith and accepted a job in Aerospace Manufacturing. I knew nothing about manufacturing, but managing a department full of machinery seemed like a better alternative to sitting at a desk for the next 40 years. The job turned out to be a 60 hour a week nightmare and every day I contemplated quitting. During a typical soul crushing Monday meeting, Ryan, a young wide eyed engineer, walked into the room. I immediately felt excited to have another person under the age of thirty join the team. I introduced myself but was quickly let down by his closed off and uninterested demeanor. Over the next few weeks, we would work as strangers, passing frequently with only a brief nod in the other’s direction. As fate would have it, a critical machine broke in my department and Ryan was the only engineer available to fix it. As the hours went on and everyone had left for the weekend, he toiled away diligently trying everything to fix the machine. Grateful that he didn’t mind staying late, I joined him to see if I could help, knowing full well I was in over my head. Surprisingly, conversation flowed while he was focused on dismantling and reassembling the machine. At one point, he accidentally touched the heating coil and shouted a quick profanity. His eyes linked with mine as he looked to me with embarrassment. I burst into laughter and he did also. Over the next few weeks it became apparent that we had a strong connection. Three years and four states later I’m sure glad I took that crappy job right out of college.

How He Asked: After living together for two years in four different states, it felt like a natural progression to take the next step in our relationship. After what felt like years, but was actually months; I came home from work and found a note and a bouquet of flowers. The note explained that I should get ready and a car would pick me up within the hour. Expecting one of my friends, I stood in anticipation at the front door. Bewilderment overtook me when a strange man in a Chrysler 300 pulled into the driveway. Reluctantly, I climbed into the Uber and we headed off. About 10 minutes into the trip, he asked me for directions. Panic overtook me as I had no idea where I was going, and apparently neither did he. Just as I was about to barrel roll out the window, Ryan’s number appeared on the screen of the man’s phone. After a brief discussion we continued on our way, ending up at Seward Park along the shores of Lake Washington. As we pulled into the park, I saw my friend (now Matron of Honor) wave me down. She pointed me in the direction of Ryan. He was standing in a small clearing with an expansive view of Lake Washington behind him. It was a breathtaking spot for a proposal, but something inside me wasn’t quite ready for the big moment. I approached Ryan and asked if we could take a quick walk towards the lake. We walked for 100 yards or so and Ryan asked if he was finally allowed to start his proposal. The next few minutes were a blur as Ryan said some heartfelt words, dropped to one knee, and presented me the most beautiful ring I had ever seen. In the haze of emotion we both neglected to notice that the spot we settled on for the big moment was right next to a Poison Oak bush with a giant warning sign next to it! We spent the next four hours sitting on a park bench calling friends and family to tell them the news. We are now busy planning our wedding for September, 17th 2017!