Discovery Park Engagement // KatyAnn + Kyle // Seattle

Last Sunday was a full amazing day for me - one Indian baby shower in the morning at Columbia Tower in downtown Seattle, followed by an engagement in Pioneer Square and another sunset session at Discovery Park with two beautiful people: KatyAnn and Kyle.

The sky was still clear that day, as the fires from Canada had not yet showed their smoggy faces in Seattle, and you could still see Mount Rainier from the lighthouse beach at Discovery Park in all its majesty. I usually get very excited to meet the couples that have booked me online without an in-person consultation, and I never get nervous because my thought is - if they read about me online, and they watched my promo video, then they are already comfortable with my personality. Bottom line is: KatyAnn and Kyle's Discovery Park engagement ended up being a success! 

Kyle works for Portland General Electric, so one of the poses they wanted to have was hanging out on a light pole! :D Did you think I replied by saying that it was a crazy idea?? Noooo - I always welcome new, fun, original photo ops! And this turned out so fun!! 

My camera got this fun flair through the lens, that looked like half a heart contouring KatyAnn and Kyle, like it was meant to be for them! Crazy!! 

My camera got this fun flair through the lens, that looked like half a heart contouring KatyAnn and Kyle, like it was meant to be for them! Crazy!! 

Here's KatyAnn's story in her own words:

"Kyle and I met on our first day of middle school (6th grade) because we had all the same classes that year. We grew up together in our very small town of Granite Falls, WA. We started dating our senior year of high school, officially on January 17th, 2010. After years of long distance because his work had him traveling the US and I was attending Portland State University, Kyle got a job at Portland General Electric as a Lineman. We've both been living here in Portland together since 2013. On September 25, 2016 Kyle surprised me underneath the St. Johns Bridge in Portland with a beautiful ring that he had been designing himself for months! Going on 8 years together and Kyle and I still love to have fun together. We love to joke around and tease each other, but one of the greatest things about our relationship is our commitment to each other and our future together. We support each other's dreams, we pick the other up when they're feeling down and out, and we always put each other first. Our relationship is highest priority to us, although our family and careers mean so much to us as well. For our wedding, our only vision is us having fun with our friends and families and making a life long commitment to each other. I plan to have a white lace and burlap theme with a lot of earthy colors like light wood and greenery."