Rustic Glam Wedding at Kelley Farm in Bonney Lake // Erin + Tyson

Kelley Farm, oh Kelley Farm... how beautiful you are! July was perfect - not too hot, with no rain, and pretty sunsets. This expansive venue in Bonney Lake was incredible. It offered anything from expansive views, grassy fields, a beautiful outdoor ceremony site with the perfect backdrop overlooking some fantastic sunsets, all the way to a rustic groom's quarters and a 100-year old bridal cottage - vintage elegance to its finest! As a Seattle wedding photographer, this Kelley Farm wedding is definitely in the books to revisit and photograph again! 

Vendor Team: 

Photographer: Adina Preston Weddings 
Second Photographer: Jared Ribic
Venue: The Kelley Farm // Bonney Lake, WA
Wedding Planner: Jacky Ross Grotle // Event Success
Catering: ACT 3 Catering
Videographer: Michael // Unified Cinematic Wedding Videography
DJ: Ben Meadow // DJ Ben Meadow
Hair & Makeup: Victoria // Salon Mogano
Cakes: Nothing Bundt Cakes
Floral: Dunton Floral

I can say that so far I've been very lucky to work with kind, beautiful couples that went from the client status to friends. This is the case now with Erin & Tyson, one of the sweetest couples that I am so grateful to have met last year while they were looking for a wedding photographer in Seattle. We clicked immediately, it was one of those things that felt right and were meant to be. They are hands-down ranking on Top 10 of people I want to have in my life, one way or another. 

Just a Quick Note for the Reader: I contemplated for a while if I should do my blogs using my own words when a wedding is about to get blogged, or I should let my couples speak for themselves. I reached the conclusion that it's more Raw, Real and Genuine to let either the bride or the groom tell the story in their own words, even if it's not written in an editorial style. To me the effect is so much more, as I sit here initially reading what they had just sent me, and I smile and giggle, and sometimes emotions get the best of me. So here it is, this particular one, told by Tyson, the groom! 

How did you two meet? We both were traveling with our different companies in Spring of 2013. And on my first day on-site, standing at the stairs, Erin came up behind me to talk to someone. As soon as I saw her, I could feel a different sensation that ran through my body. Once I caught a glimpse of her eyes, I couldn't take my eyes off of her. For the next several weeks all I could think about was how I could arrange a meeting, or figure out a way so she'd have to stop and talk to me. I even went as far as staying at the job site working really late one night hoping she'd stop in knowing I was there, and because of that I got locked in. My first phone call to her was in hopes she'd take it, and come downstairs and save me. But no such luck! However, I didn't give up so easily. One thing she mentioned to me later on was that unlike other guys, I wasn't "checking her out", instead - I was always looking straight into her eyes and never wandered off. Or at least she believed I was really good at it and she didn't notice.

The 1st kiss: After flirting on texts at night for several weeks she finally broke down and invited me to her apartment. Jumping for joy I never actually paid attention to the directions and I was wandering around the apartment complex looking for her unit, with horrible cell service, so everything was delayed. She eventually poked her head out and I came to get me. After watching a couple of shows and chatting, and also sensing it was getting late, I worked up the courage to kiss her. I think I pretended to get up from the couch and I moved over to her side. Once our lips touched, I instantly felt that out of body sensation and we continued to kiss for a solid 10 minutes. All hot and sweaty from kissing, we got up and I said good night. The next morning at work she had the biggest raspberry on her upper lip from my scruff. It rubbed her skin raw. HaHa. She had told her parents the following week on FaceTime she burnt it with a straight iron. And if you knew Erin well enough you know she doesn't straighten her hair unless it's for a wedding :)

How did you propose? It started out as a planned trip to go skiing on Valentine's Day. It was already a special day and time for us as the year prior we took our first vacation together. I didn't want to make it too much of a big deal about going, so I wouldn't tip her off. But the morning of, the weather was horrible and getting to the mountain would've been tough enough, let alone trying to ski in the rain. After getting up and enjoying our morning coffee I couldn't take it anymore, as I had the ring bought and stashed for several weeks already. While she laid back on the couch attempting to watch HGTV, I sat in front of her and we locked eyes, as I began to re-tell the moments of when we first met and replaying all the memories that led us to that day. I then reached behind her, as the ring box was behind the pillow that she'd been sitting on, and she had never felt a thing. While holding the box closed in front of her she then realized what was going on, and the tears began to flow. Opening the box and watching her eyes continue to tear up, I opened the box and pulled out the ring while taking her shaking hand in mine. I asked her to be my partner and lover for the rest of our lives. With tears rolling down her cheeks she said YES!!!! The icing on the cake was her rushing to call her parents. When her mom answered she couldn't get the words out, and I had to help finish her sentences. It couldn't have been a more touching moment for us.

What do you love the most about each other? I love her beautiful eyes and affectionate smile. It melts my heart every time I look into her eyes. We both share a passion with cooking and trying new things.