Intimate Boho Backyard Wedding in Seattle // Christiana + Danny

This beautiful Seattle backyard wedding was dreamy. Not only it was intimate and special, but it was also a laid back celebration of love and happiness. As a Seattle wedding photographer, I am more hired to photograph downtown wedding venues or barn weddings all throughout the Pacific Northwest, and not as many of these intimate backyard weddings, so when the opportunity come my way, I get really excited and I know that it will turn out amazing! See for yourself!

Danny and Christiana met when she and her best friend, Rachel (maid of honor), were visiting her brother (groomsmen) at UCSB. Danny and Rachel's brother, Bryan, were roommates. Danny's parents lived in Orange County, CA, like she did, so whenever he'd visit his family, he'd also ask Christiana on dates to go hiking or go to the beach together. 

They shared common interests such as our love of nature, music and art that brought them together. But what they love about each other is that they are both very supportive and caring, and they put each other's needs first. 

One evening, Danny and Christiana went to an intimate folk/blues show at the Tractor Tavern and had a wonderful evening full of fun and dancing. When they got home, Danny said some sweet words and proposed to her.

They vision about the wedding was to have something small and intimate, so that they could spend time with their family and close friends, many of whom came from California. So, they decided to get married in their own backyard, a place that was very meaningful to them. When telling the neighbors about their wedding plans, they had found out that the previous owners of their house have also gotten married in the same backyard as well, and Christiana and Danny thought that was very special and meant to be. 

Second Photographer: Kyle Lim 

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